Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I want to hum those old songs, which I have never been intrested in,
The songs that I don't even know the wordings of,
The songs that have the feelings similar to the ones I have in my heart,
I am not dedicating these to you,
but thinking these, of all alone, while thinking of you!

You are the one, you are the one....
I have always looked upto for, I have always searched for,
I have always dreamt of, I have always longed for.
The one I personified, the one I cherished in the thoughts
The one I always wanted to live along, trusted upon!!

Keenu, I never had time in all these 6 months,
I never realised where did it run through,
6 months passed by so quickly, I am yet to blink & realize,
You are awesome, you are awesome & you are awesome
it is because I made you so ;)
and I just realized that six months passed by!

It wasn't like this ever,
I always had time for something or other
This time I was always short of time, I was short of sleep,
I was short of lot more but, I am not short of love anymore!

I just realized today,
Never in my life I wasn't able to not write a post,
This time it was different, not just I didn't write,
I not even thought of putting my heart on the wall!!
My emotions & thoughts flowed directly towards you,
You gave me what I always looked up for!

I bend, I bow, I salute,
And reciprocate with higher intensity,
incomparable feelings & the selfless endless love,
I am all yours, all yours & all yours
Hug you for being with me all the while & confinding in me so much,
and yeah, I haven't been far behind!
I have loved you much more then the way I should have!

Hugs Kisses & lots of warmth for you,
My sweet angel, my keeu are you!!
Together forever, there on, Life Long!!


Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Faces

The moment we get up from bed, we see those lovely faces
The faces we grow up looking at, the faces connected to the hearts we trust most
People behind those faces arrange our life in a manner that we get used to,
The manner they arrange life is the comfort, love and care capsule they make it into

These faces we learn to understand, we don't wave hand to them to say bye
We don't say them see you when I come back from work
These faces have those lovely eyes which read everything from our eyes

We step out, commute & reach office, while all this we see more faces
The faces which are tired, stressed, smiling, lovely, dull-boring & interesting
But we just cross over them & never want to read them
Coz, somewhere in the back of our head,
we have a face encrypted in bold, italics & underlines in biggest font size

This encrypted face is the one we don't see so frequently, but we want to
Beyond the everyday faces, this face is what you want to read and see everyday
The face that brings the glow on your's.
When the chips are down, it's your clown
The face that is your Vitamin & protein capsule & a carbs module

Face the one you remember even when you are numb
It's your face beba, the one that I want to see smile & giggle
The rest faces will keep happening to me,
Now I want your face to happen to me forever!!

Good Times
Rohit 'dam sleepy' Khatri

Rohit 'hugs' Khatri

She talked about the stars & the moon in the sky,
The nights she like & that brings her some high,
She talked about the luck of her stars & it's bad scars
She talked about the hatered (actually Love) that flows from her to me
She talked a bit & wanted to talk a lot more, sweetheart she is to me!

But above all she talked about being blessed coz of us being together
For sure she'll be blessed & will be kept good forever
even the God gives few good things to people with odd luck
The way he gave her to me as my charming angel sweetheart ;

She pushes me to sing, but my singing is as good as horrible morning alarm ring
But I compensate, I compensate by writing these few words for her
And I am sure, every time she'll read it, she'll be humming & giggling ;

It's a long life, oh dear wifey, it's gonna be sweet,
it's gonna be rugged It's gonna be bumpy, it's gonna be super masti,
All in all we lt's stand tall, together holding hands & confiding in each other
Than trust, we'll have countless good times to gather!

Rohit 'hugs' Khatri

Saturday, December 10, 2011

I is Wonderphool

This post is dedicated to the wanted or unwanted stupidities & idocracies, which happened in my life, my friends' lives, your lives, your friends' lives or imagnative in past, present and/or future. God bless the Stupidities & Indiocracies that are utterly funny, yet harmless & painless unlike that ghostly syringe, which that beautifool nurse always pricked in at unwanted place where it hurt a lot. And there on, the next day I always prefered to stand in class instead of sitting for some obvious reasons like dramatic swelling & the blues at censored places. That bloody nurse, I must thank her for keeping me healthy (purely sarcasm).

And that girly boy (or may be the boyly girl) said.....'Ouch, don't call me Stoopeediot', I am just stoopid & not idiot. Let us all says it aloud, very, very loud, 'I is Wonderphool :)' . 'I is Wonderphool' is the mantra to keep syringe like experiences at bay.

It isn't always goody goody good but than we must understand it is phunny (sadistic sarcasm, read between the lines please & that too urself, I am not your teacher...huh).

OK, Case Study one: You try to manao a girl & the girl try to upset you. What will you do?
We all will disect this IIM (Institute of Integral Madness) Case Study tomorrow. Meanwhile you continue to manao her!

Good Times